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1Alright nowFree
2American WomanGuess Who
3As tears go byRolling Stones
4Before you accuse meCCR
5Black Night --> NEUDeep Purple
6Born to be wild --> NEUSteppenwolf
7Brown SugarRolling Stones
8CocaineEric Clapton
9ConstellationsJack Johnson
10Fortunate SonCCR
11Mushmouth shoutin‘ZZ-Top
12Get off of my cloudRolling Stones
13Gimme all your lovin' --> NEUZZ Top
14Green RiverCCR
15Honky Tonk WomanRolling Stones
16I shot the Sheriff --> NEUEric Clapton
17Jumpin' Jack FlashRolling Stones
18Lady in Black --> NEUUriah Heep
19Like a HurricaneNeil Young
20Long as I can see the LightCCR
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